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Joanne Z. Ivarson


    I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Arts in 1991.  I left a significant career in Healthcare Administration in Boston, MA to raise my children. I have been a resident of Kensington, NH since 1998.  I decided in 2002 to channel my passion for gardening into my own business.  I have studied garden design and drawing at North Shore Community College.  I have completed study of herbaceous plants and woody plant materials at the Thompson School of Applied Science (UNH).  I continue to attend seminars and professional conferences regularly.
    Clients have asked me why I include my children on my website.  My answer to that is; I want my clients to know my life revolves around my children.  They are often my assistants on the job.  It's a great learning opportunity for them to participate and see nature at work.  I always encourage clients to include their children in the plan for their landscape! 
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